About Mora Distribution

Mora Distribution was established in 2009 as an online distributor specialising in the sales of knives, sharpeners, commercial and sporting cutlery and have products to supply the food industry, equine, outdoor/craftsman, woodcarving and fishing industry as well as kits, accessories and branded T-Shirts.

We are distributors in the UK for Mora of Sweden, Benchmade, Condor, Ganzo, Knivegg, Laurin Metalli, Marttiini, MY Parang, Prandi, Razor Edge, Real Steel, Victory Knives and Warthog sharpeners.  Also stocked are Bobet, Eze-lap, Fischer, Maniago, NexTool and Utica Cutlery. We have a wide variety of knives, bladed tools and sharpeners to suit both professionals and hobbyists alike.  

Our range of knives, blades, sharpeners and accessories is ever expanding to ensure we supply top quality products to our retailers. If you have a VAT registered business and you wish to set up an account with us or have any enquiries, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

James Koch
Mora Disitribution Ltd.
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